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OSHA. US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, US Department of Labor.Open cargo transport unit

Open cargo transport unit means a unit which is not a closed cargo transport unit.

Open ro-ro cargo space. Open ro-ro cargo space means a ro-ro cargo space either opens at both ends, or opens at one end and provided with adequate natural ventilation effective over its entire length through permanent openings in the side plating or deckhead to the satisfaction of the Administration.

Outer packaging. The outer protection of the composite or combination packaging together with any absorbent   materials, cushioning and any other components necessary to contain and protect inner receptacles or inner packagings.

Overpack. An enclosure used (by a single consignor in the case of Class 7) to contain one or more packages, consolidated into a single unit easier to handle and stow during carriage;
Examples of overpacks:
(a) a loading tray such as a pallet, on which several packages are placed or stacked and secured by a plastics strip, shrink or stretch wrapping or other appropriate means; or
(b) an outer protective packaging such as a box or a crate.

Overstowed. Overstowed means that a package or container is directly stowed on top of another.

Oxidizer. A substance that gives up oxygen readily. Presence of an oxidizer increases the fire hazard.

Oxygen deficiency. That concentration of oxygen by volume below which atmosphere supplying respiratory protection must be provided. It exists in atmospheres where the percentage of oxygen by volume is less than 19.5 percent oxygen.

Oxygen-enriched atmosphere. An atmosphere containing more than 23.5 percent oxygen by volume.