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Bag. Bags means flexible packagings made of paper, plastic film, textiles, woven material, or other suitable materials.

Barge-carrying ship. Barge-carrying ship means a ship specially designed and equipped to transport shipborne barges.

Barge feeder vessel. Barge feeder vessel means a vessel specially designed and equipped to transport shipborne barges to or from a barge-carrying ship.

Base. A compound that reacts with an acid to form a salt. It is another term for alkali.

Benign. Not malignant. A benign tumor is one which does not metastasize or invade tissue. Benign tumors may still be lethal, due to pressure on vital organs.

Biohazard. A combination of the words biological hazard. Organisms or products of organisms that present a risk to humans.

Boiling point. The temperature at which the vapor pressure of a liquid equals atmospheric pressure.

Box. A packaging with complete rectangular or polygonal faces, made of metal, wood, plywood, reconstituted wood, fibreboard, plastics or other suitable material. Small holes for purposes of ease of handling or opening or to meet classification requirements, are permitted as long as they do not compromise the integrity of the packaging during carriage.

Bulk packagings. Bulk packagings means cargo transport units loaded with solid dangerous goods without any intermediate form of containment.