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Welcome to PROTEAS

The overall goal of the EU funded LIFE+ project PROTEAS is to protect the environment as well as employee and public health from risks posed by dangerous chemicals including fuels and petrochemicals.

Proteas aims to:

  • exploit existing industrial standards, good practices and HSE legislative requirements and procedures to prevent emissions and accidental releases of fuels and lubricants to air, water and soil.
  • utilize HSE provisions and guidelines incorporated in MSDS’s as required by REACH regulation
  • facilitate the transfer of Risk Assessment results and provide a solid technical background in support of REACH regulation
  • promote all HSE preventative and controlling measures as well as the tools to support the dissemination of REACH regulation activities, procedures, systems and results
  • develop a Protocol according to best industrial practices for the prevention and control of accidental releases and environmental damage caused during the supply and distribution of fuels and other dangerous substances

The PROTEAS consortium brings the relevant knowhow on HSE management and safe handling of HazChem’s that the Technical University of Crete has to offer together with the industrial knowhow of 2 key fuel and petrochemical producers in Greece (partners MOH and AVINOIL), utilizing a wide spread network of loading/unloading sites, and distribution points in and around Greece.



Comprehensive up-to-date listings of news relevant to the PROTEAS project and communication of project material correlating to REACH regulation and HSE activities, procedures systems and results.

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An alphabetically arranged glossary containing a selection of words and phrases common to, HSE and transport of Hazardous Chemicals (HazChems), giving information about their meanings.

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