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The Proteas Discussion Forum is a platform for discussions and the exchange of information on issues related to the handling and transportation of fuels and hazardous chemicals.

The Forum is addressed to petroleum and chemical industries, marketing companies and carriers, petrol filling stations, competent authorities and other involved stakeholders.

The Proteas web-based tools:

are available only for registered users (free of charge registration).

Each registered member has free and full access to the content of the Forum.

Moreover the registered members can have additional rights such as reply to an existing topic, creation of a new discussion topic, etc. only after permission by the Forum Administrator.

Available Thematic Categories

  1. REACH/ CLP Regulations Issues
  2. Safe transport of dangerous substances and related Regulations (ADR, IMDG, etc.)
  3. SEVESO Issues – Prevention and control of major accidents
  4. Emergency Response Planning and environmental restoration
  5. Other issues related to the safe handling and distribution of hazardous chemicals